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The Worst Window Replacement Scams

Windows play a huge role in your home’s overall performance in terms of energy efficiency, beauty and comfort. If you’re replacing your windows, however, you know they are not a cheap investment. 

It’s easy to find a reputable window replacement contractor, but there are still homeowners that fall for false advertising, sweet deals and other scams. You can avoid becoming a statistic, though. Here are some tips to help you tell whether you’re being scammed.

Bait and Switch

So, a window seller advertises windows available for an unbelievably low price. This is a scam. The contractors can also use all sorts of sweet talking just to keep you listening until they finally have you sign something. The windows that cost so little are probably not available in any regular size. When you go to pay for windows in the sizes that you need, however, you’ll find out that the windows are actually expensive, of poor quality and with no energy-efficient properties.

Sign Today

Some dishonest window sellers would advertise a good deal, but with a catch. You’re supposed to sign a contract immediately. This means that you’re going to lose your chance to find really good home windows because you’ve signed with the company already. Before signing anything, take the opportunity to shop around. If a salesperson is too pushy, just walk away.

Buy X Get X Free

Sometimes, this is a legitimate sale. You buy three windows, for example, and get one free or for a much lower price. The trick is still to compare the windows with others from a different company. Compute how much those three plus one windows cost in total. If they cost as much as or more than four windows from other companies not holding a sale, then it’s probably a scam.

Instead of looking for cheap windows, it’s more important to get windows from a trusted manufacturer and to have them installed by licensed and certified technicians. Get in touch with Renewal by Andersen® of Amarillo. We offer energy-efficient casement windows and other types of windows. Call us today at (512) 270-6611, or set an appointment using this form.


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