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Should All Your Replacement Windows Match?

Whether it’s windows or sliding patio doors, our team at Renewal by Andersen® of Amarillo is always committed to providing you with the best-quality services. We know how windows perform vital functions in keeping your home comfortable and efficient while still being able to be stylish and appealing. This often means having windows that match your home’s architecture, but should all your windows match? It actually depends.

With our windows, you’ll get both beauty and performance so you only need to worry about whether you should have the same design for all your windows. Here’s what we suggest considering:

Have Different Windows on Each Side of Your Home

The front of your home should look presentable since it’s the first thing your guests will see before they go inside. It should be inviting, which usually helps in making a good first impression of the home’s inhabitants. You might go for a traditional and symmetrical approach, especially if you live in a neighborhood where it’s mandated to follow a certain style for your home. 

However, the design pattern of the windows on the front side of your home doesn’t necessarily need to be the same on all the other sides. You only need the basic type, trim and grill patterns for consistency. That way, you’ll have different window design patterns on all sides while still essentially matching the architecture of your home. 

Prioritize Comfort Above All Else

While you may have pegged a visual identity that makes the home your own, you need to remember that whatever window design and placement works best on the outside your home may not always be ideal on the inside. Consider how your windows should respond to how they’re used in their rooms as well as your home’s orientation to the sun and wind. 

Let’s say you have windows facing east and west. These get the very low angle of spring and fall sunlight, which can often be blinding. They can be especially troublesome in a room used for watching television or working on a computer. To solve this, you’ll need to install shades or curtains, or set the sill more than four feet off the floor. This is to reduce glare as you use it.

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