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How to Choose an Interior Trim for Windows

Most people won’t notice your windows’ trim, but it will stand out if it clashes with your interior design. Remember: all it takes to ruin your interior’s entire design is one mismatched element. That’s why when choosing new custom windows for your home, it’s important to pick an interior trim that complements your home’s design.

Here are some tips on choosing an interior trim for your windows:

Stick to Tried-and-Tested Combinations 

When in doubt, stick to classic combinations. After all, there must be a reason why certain kinds of interior trims or window casings have been traditionally used in certain architectural styles. For instance, minimalist homes usually have windows with modern casing. They have clean lines and often match the color of the wood or the window material. Victorian-style homes tend to favor thicker window casing and more elaborate carved designs while more traditional homes usually have windows with simple casing and are flanked by shutters on both sides.

The Thickness of the Trim Matters 

Glass is the most prominent element in a modern home. To highlight this design element, windows need to have thin casings that can maximize the amount of glass it holds. In contrast, Victorian-style homes favor more elaborate designs.

Keep It Proportional 

The size of the window trim should always be proportional to the size of the room. Unfortunately, there’s no set formula for calculating the ideal thickness of the window casing or trim – it’s decided on a case-to-case basis.

Having trouble choosing the right interior trim for your windows? Consult a reputable contractor.

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