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How to Check Whether You Had a Bad Window Installation

Replacement windows can be a big investment. To make sure that the project is worth every penny, you need to choose the right type of window for your home as well as a trusted and reputable installer to do the job properly. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an expensive waste of money.  

If your windows were installed correctly, they’ll operate as intended while looking visually appealing. Check out the following warning signs you need to look out for so you’ll know if your windows weren’t installed properly:

Poor Operation

Newly installed windows should operate without any problems This is essential to ensuring they were properly installed. To double check this, test the window after installation, and see if it’s difficult to open, close or lock. If you leave the issues unaddressed, they’ll get worse over time, and you’ll eventually have a window that’s completely inoperable.  

Foggy Window Panes

If you happen to have foggy casement windows even if it’s not foggy outside, then you might have had a bad installation job. This simply means that the window seal inserted between the panes has been compromised. Gas is used to maximize energy efficiency, but it’s only effective if the new windows are carefully installed to keep the gas intact. 

Uneven Caulking

Caulking is needed around your window’s exterior to make it weatherproof and sealed. While the bottom edge shouldn’t be caulked so water can leak out, the sides and top should have a visible, even layer of caulk. If you see that the caulk is messy, uneven or patchy, then it indicates a shoddy installation. This can also mean the installer may be cutting corners throughout the installation process.

To avoid subpar window replacement, make sure you hire an experienced professional who can get the job done right the first time. When it comes to home windows, there’s only one company you can trust: Renewal by Andersen® of Amarillo. Call us at (512) 270-6611, or fill out our convenient online request form. Talk to us today!


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