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3 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Should Avoid

Improper window maintenance is just as bad as neglecting to maintain your windows. What are some common bad maintenance habits you should avoid?

1. Forgetting to Lock the Windows 

Something as simple as forgetting to lock your windows can significantly shorten its lifespan. If windows aren’t locked, moisture can enter your home and cause condensation to form on the window frame. Excess moisture is problematic because it creates a damp environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

What if the inside of the window glass panes start to fog up? Condensation between the window panes is a sign that you might need to replace your windows soon. Energy-efficient windows are filled with either krypton or argon, colorless and non-toxic gases that can prevent heat transfer. If the glass sealing is damaged, the gas will leak out, and moisture will enter the space between the window panes, fogging up the glass. 

2. Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions and Pressure Washers

Sloppy cleaning can damage your windows. Before cleaning your windows, always check the window manufacturer’s guide – they usually include instructions on how to take proper care of windows. It’s also important that you check the label on some commercial cleaning solutions as chemicals used may interact with and damage your window’s frame. Most manufacturers also don’t recommend using pressure washers as it can damage windows. If you use a pressure washer to clean your exterior, be careful while washing the areas near windows. 

3. Neglecting to Clean Sliding Windows’ Tracks

Sliding windows are known for their ease of use – a gentle push is all it takes to slide them open. However, if the tracks aren’t maintained regularly, dust and grime can accumulate, making it harder to open windows. It’s best to use a mild dishwashing solution and a toothbrush to clean the tracks. For more maintenance tips, consult a reputable window contractor. 

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