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Design Tips for Your Home Office

These days, a home office is a common component of more homes around the U.S. The value of telecommuting was put in sharp relief when social distancing became the norm. Whether you have been required or allowed by your company to do your job at home, or you own a small business, it’s not enough that you have a tiny nook in the living room for powering up a laptop. Here are some design tips to help you set up that ideal work area.

Keep It as Separate From the Rest of the House as Possible

If you have the space, it’s always advisable to have a room with doors you can close. This will give you privacy and the quiet you need to get work done. You can also welcome guests or clients if you need to without worrying that the daily activities in your home would become a distraction. An extra guest bedroom would be nice, but if all you have is a garage, you can redesign that too to become a cool office.

The Style Should Be to Your Liking

Don’t just throw a chair and an extra desk into a corner, and call it an office. A real office should inspire you to work. Don’t sacrifice form for function. If you can, follow your home’s design theme, and get furniture that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Make it convenient for you to access the things you need in a breeze.

Buy a Good Chair

The chairs in your dining area may be great, but they’re not designed for long hours of sitting and working. Invest in an ergonomic office chair that won’t hurt your back when you burn the midnight oil. Don’t forget to get one that goes with the style of your other furniture.

Paint the Walls

Don’t just paint them; use a color or a pattern you’ll love to look at all the time. You can also use rugs that separate the area from the rest of the house. Some people like a subdued tone that disappears in the background, but others work better when there are striking colors and patterns around. It’s up to your taste.

Light It Well

A windowless office is a bad idea. After all, you’re at home, and you have a say in this. Position your workstation so that you can look out a window now and then, especially if nature is near you. Not only will this keep you relaxed, but it will also provide plenty of natural light, which will help reduce your dependence on artificial lighting (which uses energy) and protect you from eye strain. If you’re in the market for new replacement windows, take your home office into account. 

Windows are not your only option. You can also install French doors that let light inside. You can monitor what’s happening in the next room if the doors are in your home, or you can use the French doors as your main entry and exit doors if you’re building a home office in your garage.

There are so many other home office design ideas you can get from the web. We can also help you decide on the types of windows and doors that would compliment the style you want.

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