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4 Myths About Sliding Doors

Your experience with old sliding doors may color your opinion of these types of doors, but you should know that technologies in designing and manufacturing a modern sliding door have changed and vastly improved. 

There are some myths regarding these doors, and you may have heard a few. Here are some of them and the truths behind them.

Sliding Doors Leak When It Rains

There is some truth to this, but it depends. If the wind and rain are too strong, any opening can leak, whether it’s a sliding door, a swinging door or a window. As a matter of fact, if the weather is bad enough, it can cause a leak anywhere. 

The best sliding patio doors and other sliding doors are highly resistant to leaks nowadays. They undergo plenty of testing and have to pass some standards before they become available to the public. If the wind and rain levels surpass those standards, it’s possible for any door or window to leak.

Sliding Doors Are Hard to Open and Close

Old sliding doors were particularly difficult to slide, but new models are surprisingly easy to operate. Modern lift-slide doors are effortless, even those with big panels. 

However, any sliding door should undergo some cleaning and maintenance to prevent the tracks from getting clogged with dirt. Modern doors have tracks that are much easier to clean.

Sliding Doors Are Ugly

Old sliding doors were not much to look at, but today’s designs are highly attractive. They are sleek, and the glass panels are getting bigger as the frames are getting smaller yet sturdier. It’s advisable to look around before buying your doors. There are many models you’ll surely love out there.

Sliding Doors Are Not Energy-Efficient

Actually, there are two schools of thought regarding this myth: 1) sliding doors are not energy-efficient, and 2) sliding doors are airtight. Neither is exactly true. First, modern sliding doors are available in highly rated energy-efficient models, and, second, no door is truly airtight. The difference is in the amount of air leakage they are able to stop.

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